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Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA) is a multidisciplinary, an open-access, internationally  peer - reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of civil engineering. 

Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA)

Journal's Privacy and Consent Policy
The information gathered from both registered and unregistered readers of this journal falls under the purview of how peer-reviewed publications typically operate. It contains information that facilitates communication during the editorial process, is used to inform readers about the content's author and editor, and allows for the collection of aggregated readership data as well as the monitoring of the geopolitical and social aspects of scholarly communication.
The editorial staff of this journal utilizes this information to direct its efforts in publishing and enhancing this publication. With the relevant exclusions, such as article analytics, data that will help enhance this publishing platform may be shared with its creator in an anonymized and aggregated form. This journal, its publisher, or any other third parties will not sell the data or use it for any other purposes than those mentioned here. The human subject data used in the research summarized here is the responsibility of the authors who have been published in this journal.
The people responsible for editing this journal work to adhere to industry standards for data privacy, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, (https://gdpr-info.eu/ ) which includes "data subject rights" such as (a) breach notification, (b) right of access, (c) the right to be forgotten, (d) data portability, and (e) privacy by design. The GDPR also permits the acknowledgment of "the public interest in the availability of the data," which is especially important for those responsible for upholding the public record of scholarly publishing with the highest level of integrity.