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Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA) is a multidisciplinary, an open-access, internationally  peer - reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of civil engineering. 

Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA)

This journal charges the author fees for faster review and to manage the journal :
Fast Review Process Fee (optional): 3000 INR
By paying this charge, you ensure that the peer review, editorial decision, and author notice will all occur within 3.5 weeks.
Remember that quick review procedure The Authors may choose to pay a fee, which excludes publication costs.
the Fast Review Process payment Paying a fee just expedites the peer-review process rather than ensuring that the work will be published.
Regular Article Publication Fee (*): 2500 INR
Publication options
This journal offers authors two choices to publish their manuscript:
Regular publication fee and Open access publication fee options.
- Regular publication fee option:
(a) The author must pay a portion of the publication costs after their article has been accepted for publication and they have been notified of the acceptance.
(b) If the author request for fee concession through the proper channel are entertained and full waiver is provided to such authors.
(c) The Journal JERA also provided partial fee concession if the author need such kind of support, request may be made through the proper channel
(d) In the above cases (b) and (c) the editorial board decision will be final and bounding to every one and no any legal obligation can be made by any author/party if the request is not approved thorough the journal editorial bord members.

Payment Pay For Auther
    Name:                   JERA PUBSLIHERS
    Account Name :   41842098048
    Bank Name :        State Bank Of India
    IFSC Code :           SBIN001038
    Branch :             SBI DCE Delhi
    Contact Number :   +91- 7754001038
    Contact Number :   +91- 7838678281
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(*) The fee concession request will made through proper channel will only be entertained.
Highly acclaimed manuscripts chosen by the journal's editors will not be charged for publication. For works that were chosen as "Commended" by the journal's editors, the "Article Publication Fee" will be paid with a 50% discount.
- Open access publication fee option:
Subscribers and anyone else who wants to utilize an article in a legitimate way can do it without cost.
To provide "open access", this journal has a publication fee which needs to be met by the authors or their research funders for each article published with "open access" option.
Articles published in this journal with "open access" option will undergone peer-review and upon acceptance will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.
Published "open access" articles:
- are fully peer-reviewed;
- are immediately free to access and download from the journal's web site; - permitted re-use defined by our User License Agreement.
Regardless of potential increases, the "open access" publication cost for this journal is 3000 euros. We provide free access to the complete issue of the e-journal for authors.
After receiving notification that their manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors will decide which publication to submit to. As a result, it won't affect whether the submission will be accepted for peer review.
Please get in touch with the editorial member PRIOR to submitting your work if you have any questions regarding these fees.