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Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA) is a multidisciplinary, an open-access, internationally  peer - reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of civil engineering. 

Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA)

Unless otherwise specified, the JERA retains all rights to any and all content published in the Journal of Engineering Research and Application.

Journal of Engineering Research and Application authorized (JERA) hereby grants to the Author(s) of the Paper and, in case of a work made for hire, his/her employer, a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and distribute the Paper including the right to sublicense the copyright in the published paper, provided that each copy shall include the copyright notice appearing on the published Paper.

Publishing Rights

The authors of articles published in the Journal of Engineering Research and Application transfer all rights to their work by agreed to the copyright transfer policy of JERA. The authors give JERA permission to publish the article and credit JERA as the original publication

Copyright Notice

Once your submission has been approved, you will need to fill out, sign, and return a copy of the Copyright Transfer Agreement. You can do this by mail, fax, or email. The acceptance email for the article will include a link for the authors to download the agreement.

Without the Copyright Transfer Agreement, we won't be able to publish your paper.

Copyright Infringement:

Write to the Editor at admin@jera.co.in and office@jera.co.in with "Copyright Infringement" in the subject line if you have any concerns about possible copyright infringement.

In order for the claim to be valid, the aggrieved party must provide evidence that the same version was published, copyrighted, or patented prior to the date the relevant JERA article was published. If the claim is valid, the JERA Editorial Board will discuss it transparently and notify the JERA author that they need to provide an explanation.

Any questions about the legitimacy of such claims will be decided solely by the JERA. If the claim is validated after review, the manuscript in question will be removed from all JERA archives and systems. No further hard copies of that issue will have the article in question. In cases where only minor edits are needed, such as adding a few citations, the authors will be notified and given time to make the necessary modifications in accordance with JERA's guidelines. The revised version will be published in the same volume and issue as the original submission.

We will give top attention to resolving any copyright issues that may arise. If the claim is legitimate and backed up by paperwork, you can expect a reply within 5 business days.