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Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA) is a multidisciplinary, an open-access, internationally  peer - reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of civil engineering. 

Journal of Engineering Research and Application (JERA)

There may be a need for management policies and measures, which are collectively referred to as the Digital Archiving Policy. This is so that the preservation, usability, and accessibility of content may be guaranteed for long-term availability.
The Journal is committed to ensuring that readers have access to digital content while both respecting and maintaining the intellectual property rights of authors and obtaining their prior agreement.
Access to digital collections over the long term is the major objective of activities that are done in the context of digital preservation. It makes sure that the information will not be changed and that the original data will be kept intact.

Challenges in Digital Information Preservation

Hardware, operating systems, applications, data formats, file readers, and driver software all play a role in the broader definition of "technology." Because of a lack of metadata, it is impossible to discover information; in addition, it is impossible to render and analyse the information because there is insufficient contextual information.
File formats that are incompatible with one another, particularly for older applications.
The medium that are used to store digital records are typically unreliable and begin to degrade within a few years or at most several decades, which renders the digital records unavailable.
In the event of a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, or earthquake, or the malfunction of any equipment or an assault by a virus that disables stored data and systems, digital records run the risk of being lost. The digital documents may have strong security measures in place, but because they are so poorly defined and characterised, potential users are unable to locate them.
Even if the digital documents are secure, they may not be accessible to everyone who needs them because of improper identification and description.

Right to Archive Self

Copyright and self-archiving rights can be fully maintained for all authors.