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Volume 2 Volume-2,June 2023
Published by Journal of Engineering Research and Application
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1 Authors: Astha Verma, Neeraj Chandra, Pratik Kumar Singh , Vishal Kadian, and Suraj Raii 1-11
Title: Evaluation of Wind Effects on High-Rise Buildings Using Ansys CFX
2 Authors: Asmita Sharma, Aryan Singh Verma , Aaditya Tanwar, Aasheesh Sharma,S K Verma and Pramit Kumar Choudhary* 12-21
Title: Analysis of Wind Effects on Different Shapes of Tall Buildings
3 Authors: Abhishek Mittal, Aman Kumar and Pramit Kumar Choudhary 22-26
Title: Flow Transition Due to Width Contraction
4 Authors: Astha Verma, Vishal Kadian, Suraj Rai, Rishab Aggarwal and Raghav Siakri 27-38
Title: Investigation of wind effects on star shape building model
5 Authors: Shubham Rana; Prateek Thakran and Bhagya Jayant 38-42
Title: A Case Study Watershed of Siraspur Delhi
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