High Rise and Low-Rise Structure

In the present time there is the space constraint at various places such as for low rise building and for high rise building. High rise building needs investigation of wind effects because it is well known phenomena that if the height of the structure is increased then the wind effects are also increased and because of that the investigation for such effects is essential and which is only possible either using CFD tools and Wind tunnel test.


The subfield of civil engineering known as "geotechnical engineering" analyses the earth's materials from an engineering perspective. It solves engineering difficulties by applying the theories of soil mechanics and rock mechanics. It also requires an understanding of geophysics, hydrology, and geology. Part of geological engineering is dedicated to the study of rocks, or geotechnical engineering.


The term "environment" is used to refer to our immediate surroundings. It may consist of either live organisms (biota) or inorganic matter (abiotics). All of nature's forces are included in this category. All organisms are a product of their surroundings. They are always influencing it and changing to fit the surrounding situations. Animals, plants, soil, water, and various other forms of life and nonlife all interact with one another and their surroundings in various ways.

Water Resources

In agriculture, irrigation refers to the practise of applying water in measured amounts to soil in order to boost crop yields; in the context of growing landscape plants and lawns, the practise is more commonly referred to as watering. The term "rain-fed" refers to farming that does not require artificial irrigation but instead depends only on natural precipitation. Irrigation is an essential part of farming and has been for over five thousand years, with numerous civilizations throughout the world coming up with their own methods.

Structural Health Monitoring

The field of structural health monitoring (SHM) and damage identification is expanding in civil engineering. For the purpose of identifying the damage, defining its location and severity, and assessing how it will affect the structure's remaining life, SHM uses in-situ, non-destructive sensing and structural characteristic analysis. SHM is a relatively new and successful civil engineering technique, but assessing the health of a structure through tests and measurements is common practice, so evaluation and inspection guidelines exist.

Aerodynamic Airways

Transportaion is essential requriment for the present time as the living of the of the people is improve the avilablity of the time is reduced and because of that different other avliable means for transportaion is used for the convency of goods and people and for this puproses railway, highway and airways are serving this purposes. Airways need the reasech in this domain so that the more aerodynamic design of aeroplane and various other means can be improved to use the maximum advantages of the transporation means.Such as wings of aeroplane and body of the aeroplane etc.


Railway is the cheapest mode of transportation where the goods and people are taking the maximum advantage and here the developments also required to increase the speed and carrying capacity of the trains. Also the different other purposes are served by the railways.


Highways may be any kind of route, whether public or private. It's not only for freeways; it also encompasses secondary roads and sidewalks. It is used interchangeably with controlled-access highway in some parts of the United States and as a synonym for autobahn, autoroute, etc.

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