Issue-2 (December 2022)

Volume 1 Volume-1, Issue-2, December 2022
Published by Journal of Engineering Research and Application
Page No.
1 Authors: Amartya Sinha, Aditya Kumar Jha 1-11
Title: Variation in coefficient of permeability of soil with the variation of temperature at prominent locations in India throughout a year
2 Authors: Md Shareeb, Srijan Saroj, Surya Pratap Singh, Sandeep Yadav, Mekhraj Kunwar Chhetri, Anuj Kumar Shara 12-18
Title: Effects of Air Pollutions on Surface Water Contamination
3 Authors: Rahul Kumar Meena, Prateek Thakran, Pratik Sharma, Shubham Rana, S. Anbukumar and Abhishek Prakash Paswan 19-23
Title: Analysis of pavement design using fly ash in subgrade soil
4 Authors: Kamal Upreti and Manvendra Verma 24-32
Title: Prediction of compressive strength of geopolymer concrete using artificial neural network
5 Authors: Shafik Jendia and Thaer Shomar 33-48
Title: Determining the void ratio in hot-mix asphalt pavements using different methods according to EN 12697
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