Issue-1 (July 2022)

Volume 1, Issue-1, July 2022
Published by Journal of Engineering Research and Application
Page No.
1Authors:Vedprakash Sharma, Shubham Singh, Sourabh Sangwan & Hrishikesh Dubey1-10
Title:Pressure coefficient analysis for a setback building
2Authors:Ark Rukhaiyar, Bhagya Jayant , Kunal Dahiya and Ritu Raj11-21
Title:Comparison of wind flow effect for varying cross – sectional height of tall building using ANSYS
3Authors:Bhagya Jayant, Kunal Dahiya, Ark Rukhiyar , Ritu Raj & Rahul Kumar Meena22-29
Title:A Review of The Drip Irrigation System
4Authors:Harsh Goyal, Harmanbir Singh, Mayank Singh & Ritu Raj30-39
Title:Wind Interference on A Hexagonal Shaped High-Rise Buildings with Different Openings
5Authors:Reenu Verma , Rahul Kumar Meena & S. Anbukumar40-53
Title:Analysis of concrete T-girder using MIDAS
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